My Ten Commandments

I set these Ten Commandments up in my life to make sure I live by these laws that work for my constitution.

  1. Always tell the truth.
  2. Exercise everyday.
  3. Daily meditation.
  4. Be of service
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The Seagull

Ever since I started Lifeguarding, I had the honor and the privledege of staring at seagulls for sometimes 400 hours per summer. I studied them, I used to pack them lunches, I watched how unselfish they were, I saw there array of colors, adaptability, and I felt such a closeness to them. Somebody asked me one time what my spirit animal is, and they said its an animal that you feel extremely close with. My answer was the Seagull. Looking further into the relationship of Seagulls and Spirituality they were considered to be messengers of some sort in the spirit realm. I thought this was very fitting because I too find myself in long spiritual conversations with people and I love the ocean more than anything itself. The ocean is my higher power and I hope to one day get connected back to it. In the meantime Ill just get as close as I can to it.

Here For You

Need someone to talk too? Never underestimate the power of different perspectives to bring light to your questions. Seeking life or travel adivce? I am here to help you.

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